Running Routes

Bruce Vento Trail

Our starting point is the parking lot at the Southeast corner of Lake Phalen. To get there, take Hwy. 35E to Maryland Ave., and head east on Maryland (turn right if you’re coming from the south, left if you’re coming from the north). Continue on Maryland to Johnson Pkwy. (you’ll see Lake Phalen to your left). Turn left on Johnson, and right on East Shore Dr., turning left into the parking lot.

Course map:

Calhoun Executive Center

The Center itself is an office building on the northwest side of Lake Calhoun. It is about 5 stories high, with a sailboat sculpture on the top. If you take Lake Street east or west, the entrance is just west of Dean Parkway, on the south (lake) side of the street. There is a large parking lot next to the building, and we'll meet there.

Routes & Locations:
1.  Wirth Parkway Route:   Along the west side of Cedar Lake, then Wirth Parkway to Golden Valley Road, returning by way of the long route around Cedar Lake.
2.  Kenilworth/Cedar Lake Loop:   East along the south Cedar Lake Trail, then back along the north trail to Cedar Lake and back.
3.  Greenway Trail:  Dean Parkway to the Greenway then straight along that trail to the River and back.
4.  Greenway/Mississippi/Minnehaha/Lakes Loop:   Dean Parkway to the Greenway then straight along that trail to the River; south along the River to Minnehaha Creek; west along the Creek to Lake Harriet; and around Lakes Harriet and Calhoun back to the start.
Course map:

Gateway Trail
A very nice but little-used trail, it is located on the east side of the Twin Cities, extending from St. Paul almost to Stillwater. We'll start our run at the Maplewood Community Center, which boasts a large parking lot and is easy to get to. Just find your way to the corner of Hwy. 36 and White Bear Ave. (I take Hwy. 94 to 35E, then continue east on 36), and head south on White Bear about 1 kilometer. The parking lot will be on your left, as the trail crosses over the street.

Course map (west):

Course map (east):

Route:  East or west along the trail



Harriet Island Park

Harriet Island Park is across the river from downtown St. Paul, near the Wabasha Street bridge. Take Hwy. 94 or Hwy. 35E to downtown St. Paul, and take Wabasha Street across the river. Turn right at Plato Boulevard (at the light), and continue to Dr. Justus O Hage Boulevard. Turn right and enter the parking lot on your left.

Course map:

:   Along the river to the Mendota Trail, taking that as far as Hwy. 494.


Heritage Trail

This trail straddles the Mississippi River, near downtown Minneapolis. We'll start on the north side of the river, near St. Anthony Main. To get there, take Hwy. 35W north or south to the University Avenue/4th Street exit, and take 4th Street west to 3rd Avenue. Turn left on 3rd, then left again onto Main Street NE. From downtown Minneapolis, take Hennepin Ave. across the river, and turn right onto Main Street NE. There's parking on Main Street, between 3rd and 6th Avenues.

Course map:

Route:   Across to Nicollet Island, then through Boom Island Park and across the Plymouth bridge, then along the river to Lake Street, returning by way of the Stone Arch bridge.



Hidden Falls Park

This park is on the St. Paul side of the Mississippi River, about 1 mile south of the 46th Street/Ford Parkway bridge. Our meeting spot is at the top of the hill (the north entrance) leading into the park on Magoffin Avenue. You can take River Boulevard south from Lake Street or Ford Parkway and turn left at Magoffin, or you can take the same road north from Hwy. 5, and turn right at Magoffin.

Course map:

Route:   Down into the park, then along the trail to and through Crosby Farms Park (remember, left-right-straight) and up to Shepard Road, returning along Shepard Road.



Lake Harriet Bandshell

The bandshell is on the northwest corner of the lake, and is accessible via 42nd Street from the west, William Berry Parkway from the north or Lake Harriet Parkway from the south and east. There is a pay lot there (75¢ per hour), and free parking on the nearby streets.

Route:   All 3 lakes using Dean Parkway as the connector between Calhoun and Isles in both directions. (see mileage for shorter distances, subtracting the number of lakes done)


Lake Nokomis

Take Cedar Avenue in South Minneapolis to the north crossing of Lake Nokomis Parkway (Cedar crosses the Parkway twice), and head east on the Parkway about ¼ mile. There is a pay lot there and free parking on the nearby streets.
Course map (Minnehaha Creek to Lake Harriet):
Course map (Lake Nokomis inner path):

Course map (Lake Nokomis outer path):

Route:   Along Minnehaha Parkway to Lake Harriet



Luce Line Trail

The Luce Line is located in Plymouth, just off of 10th Avenue, which is just off of Vicksburg Lane. Take Hwy. 494 to the to Carlson Parkway exit. Go West on Carlson very briefly, then turn right on Gleason Lake Road. Continue on Gleason for a little more than a mile, and turn right on Vicksburg Lane. Continue on Vicksburg about 3/4 mile. The entrance to the Luce Line will be on the left, at 10th Avenue. There's a housing development (Cimarron Ponds) there - turn as if to go into the development, then veer to the left to the parking lot.

Course map:

Route:   West along the trail as much as 10 miles  and back.


Medicine Lake

Our actual meeting location is at our Members Bulent & Michelle's house, 10900 - 41st Avenue North in Plymouth, which is just north of Rockford Road, between Hwys. 494 and 169. Take 94 to 494 or 169 (head north in both cases), or simply take 494 or 169 into Plymouth (depending on which direction you're coming from). Exit at Rockford Road (aka County Road 9), and head west if you're coming from Hwy. 169 or east if you're coming from Hwy. 494. Head south on Zachary Lane, and turn left (onto Old Rockford Rd.) at the first intersection. Turn right onto Ximines Lane, and right again onto 41st Avenue. I's the first house on the right, at the corner.

Course map:

Route: South along Zachary Ln. to 36th St., then left into French Regional Park, through the park to Northwest Blvd., south to Medicine Lake Blvd. and around the lake, returning on Zachary.


Minnehaha Park

The park is on Minnehaha Parkway in South Minneapolis near the Mississippi River. Take Hwy. 62 or 94 or 35W to the Hwy. 55 (Hiawatha Avenue) exit. Continue north, south, or south, respectively, on Hiawatha to 46th Street. Continue east to Minnehaha Avenue (the first light), and turn right, then turn left at Godfrey Parkway (at the traffic circle). Our gathering spot will be on your right. There is a pay lot there, and free parking on the nearby streets.

Course map:

Course map (Snelling Lake Extension):

Course map (Minnehaha Creek – Lake Nokomis Extension):

Route:   South along Minnehaha Pkwy. and into Lake Snelling Park, then to and around Pike Island.



Minnetonka Trail

The Minnetonka Trail is located west of Minneapolis, near the corner of Hwy. 7 and the Hopkins Crossroad (Hwy. 73). There is a shopping center there, and we'll meet near the Lunds store (park more in the center of the lot, though as there have been complaints that runners take all the spots near Lunds).

Course map:

Route:   West along the trail as much as 10 miles and back.


Mississippi River Boulevard

Our starting point is at the corner of River Boulevard and St. Clair Avenue, about 1.3 miles south of the Lake Street bridge and 1.3 miles north of the Ford Parkway/46th Street bridge. On the highway, take 94 to Cretin Avenue and head south, turning right at St. Clair (the first stop light past Grand Avenue). There's street parking there.

1. Course map (St. Paul Hill Loop);

Route:  South along the river to Ford Parkway, east on Ford Parkway to Snelling Avenue, south on Snelling Avenue to Montreal Street, east on Montreal Street to Lexington Avenue, north on Lexington Avenue to Summit Avenue, west on Summit Avenue to the river and back.

2. Course map (Ford – Lake loop):

Route:  South along the river to Ford Parkway,across the Ford Pkwy. bridge, then north along the river to the Lake St. bridge, and back to the start.

3. Course map (Ford – Franklin loop):

Route:  South along the river to Ford Parkway,across the Ford Pkwy. bridge, then north along the river to the Franklin Ave. bridge, and back to the start.

4. Course map (South along river):

Route:   South along the river and back.